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Generate business value using Big Data

Exeliq provides Big Data Strategy, Implementation and Management Solutions. Service offerings for Data Integration and Storage, Real Time Data Processing and Building Analytics-Driven Application Development.

We have an extensive range of data analytical specialties for data-driven business optimization.

Generate business value by gaining insights from Big Data through innovative solutions developed by statisticians and technology experts.


What we do in Big Data Services

Increase profitability, utilization of your IT infrastructure, improve the customer experience and Increase workforce collaboration.

Big Data Consulting Services

At Exeliq, we provide Big Data Consulting Services, Big Data Assessment, strategy for the Use Case of Big Data Problems. Big Data assessment and strategy will list down different components required from Big Data landscape and the tools, processes to be integrated in the Big Data Strategy and Big Data Implementation.

Big Data Infrastructure Solutions

Big Data Solutions will deliver effective, highly scalable, optimized Big Data application. Big Data Services supports Reactive programming for developing streaming and event driven Big Data application in Akka framework. Exeliq Big Data Solution enables Infrastructure Automation for Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark Cluster and Different Components.

Big Data Integration Solutions

Exeliq is the leading provider of Big Data Management Solutions that helps Enterprises meet the Big Data Challenges by making Big Data Integration easy, fast and affordable. Simplify the process of working with Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, HDFS with Big Data Integration Solutions.

Data Lake and Data Warehouse

Big Data Consulting Services provides the consulting, Implementation for building Real time Data Lake and Data Warehouse using NoSQL Databases. Our Big Data Solutions helps you to modernize Data Warehouse with Big Data and enables you to migrate from traditional Databases to New Databases. Big Data Solutions supports Cassandra, Hbase, MongoDb and Druid.

Implement Big Data Solutions With Help from
Exeliq Data Architects

Data alone is not enough. Data must intersect the human cognitive experience in the right format and at the right moment, to create the right opportunity for accurate predictive insights. This is the digital evolution driving today’s critical shift from business intelligence to advanced analytics.

Successful big data implementations depend on diverse skills, including those of developers, administrators, and cloud and big data architects. But demand for such experts exceeds supply. Instead, turn to our big data engineers, who can guide you through the entire data transformation lifecycle — from planning, architecture and development, to support and operation of the platform and IaaS.

Big Data Service Features

Assessment, Architecture, and Design

We provide big data architecture and application specifications based on your application and operational requirements.

Data Pipeline

Development of data ingestion applications from two sources, using the technology stack applicable to the platform of choice: Hortonworks® HDP components or AWS/Azure ® native APIs.

Data Integrations

Establish data interfaces with external endpoints like visualization/BI tools, ETL tools, and external databases or file stores.

Data Modeling, Persistence and Processing

Design and implementation of data stores such as HBase™, Hive™, HDFS, HAWQ™ and Redshift for big data storage.

Operations, Optimization and Security

Configuration of perimeter security, role-based access control (RBAC), encryption, disaster recovery and backups on the target platform.

Deployment, Handover and Training

The big data consulting engagement culminates with code handover, deployment to target environments and runbooks for operations and support.

Exeliq Can Help With Your Big Data Needs

Managed Data Services

Overwhelmed by the variety of database and deployment options available to handle different workloads? Experience what it’s like to have big data experts at your side.


Add Cloud Databases to your solution and start enjoying the benefits of an easy-to-use database deployed on purpose-built hardware.

Managed Big Data

Move beyond batch analysis by spinning up Hadoop® and Spark® in minutes. We’ll help you achieve rapid time-to-insight.

Protect Your Data

If your business generates, stores or transmits sensitive data, it’s your responsibility to keep that data safe. Discover how to protect your business data.

Technology Stack

Modern Big Data Integration: Supports Traditional systems, as well as modern Big Data and NoSQL ecosystem.

  • Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop on Kubernetes
  • Real Time and Streaming Analytics with Apache Flink, Apache Spark.
  • Big Data Integration platform with AutoMapper and Lambda based on data transformation pipeline.
  • Data Ingestion and Data Transformation from different Sources (API’s, Databases, Files, Message Queues).
  • Data Modeling and Algorithm Management
  • Build Big Data Stack on Multi-Cloud.
  • Use cases for Healthcare, Telecom, Insurance and Retail Industry.

Big Data Solutions for Management & Governance

Amazon Web Services. Highly scalable, complete cloud platform. Microsoft Azure. IaaS and PaaS computing for development, deployment, and management. Google Cloud Platform. Developer products and cloud technologies hosted by Google.

AWS Big Data Analytics

AWS Analytics and Big Data solutions with Amazon EMR, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Glue, Amazon Athena, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Aurora.

Google Cloud for Big Data

Cloud DataFlow, Cloud Dataproc and Google BigQuery for Batch and Stream Processing analytics on Google Cloud.

Azure Data Lake Solutions

Azure Stream Analytics and Data Lake Analytics with HDInsight for IoT and Streaming Solutions.

Open Source Big Data

Build Data Lake and Analytics Stack using Open Source Apache Spark and Flink, Nifi, and Kafka on Kubernetes and OpenStack.

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