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We Deliver Solution with Quality

Exeliq Drive Innovative Solutions with Qualitative Excellence to Help Enterprise Use Technology to Become More Viable.
We use the latest engineering techniques to fulfill software initiatives, enabling our customers to transform their industries.

Exeliq is a consulting company developing Solutions, Products, Monitoring, Intelligence Platforms for DevOps, Data Integration and provides Big Data Solutions, Decision Science and Enterprise Application Development on Cloud. Passion for technology drives us. But it’s innovation that defines us  We offers years of experience & a disciplined approach to quickly deliver reliable, quality solutions that help client go to market faster and get a leg up on your competition.

  • Leverage the Cloud to reduce costs and increase flexibility
  • Process and analyze Big Data faster to improve decision making
  • Optimize open source solutions
  • Monetize APIs and other digital assets to boost revenue


What Drives Us

We specialize in Data Management and Reporting to help business users support their intuition with data. Our customers repeatedly tell us that based on the number of projects completed and volume of data processed using Azure Data Lake, COSMOS, Power BI and Azure, we are one of the most advanced suppliers at their company.

Execliq has worked closely with marketing, operations, and product groups across Fortune 500 companies. More than 50,000 Product, Sales, and Marketing Managers around the globe use custom applications (both on-premise and Cloud hosted), Line-of-Business (LOB), and Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI) solutions created and managed by us.

Our Values Are


We pursue excellence in everything we do. We demonstrate this through continuous focus consistency and accountability to our commitments.


We believe in honesty and transparency. We hold ourselves to the highest standard of ethics at all times. We believe there is no other way to conduct business.


We approach challenges from a unique perspective which allows us to create ideas, products and solutions that change the game.

We know the primary objective of business,
To grow more & make it profitable

We believe in spending time proactively in researching into business concerns,
which help clients to get solutions that put them in ahead of curve / cutting edge

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  • Mission
  • Vision



  • To be the leader in technology-powered business innovation. Exeliq’s commitment to our customer and partners’ success enables us to establish lasting, meaningful relationships.
  • Our team’s profound technical understanding and industry influence helps our clients get maximum value from technology investments and position them for tomorrow’s opportunities.
  • We specialize in Data Engineering & AI Practice to help business users support their intuition with data.




  • To be a Trusted Technology Consulting Partner in Business Transformations, guiding our customers along the succinct path to their business success.
  • Exceliq roadmap for digital transformation, enabling enterprises to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.
  • Represents the collective input of our team in thinking about digital evolution and what tomorrow might bring in the way of opportunity.


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