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Exeliq provides DevOps Solutions and Services for Infrastructure Automation, Database Automation Deployments, Continuous Integration and Deployments of Cloud-Native and Microservices Applications with Docker and Kubernetes, Jenkins and Docker CI/CD Pipelines.

Get up to speed on popular configuration management tools and DevOps automation with the same Exeliq specialists behind our industry-leading products. You’ll also learn the techniques behind resource provisioning, continuous integration (CI) and automated application performance monitoring (APM). Whether you’re just getting started with your DevOps strategy, looking to modernize your apps or need help maintaining your current system, our expert engineers are here to help accelerate your DevOps transformation.

Smarter Operations for Superior Technology Outcomes


Our DevOps tools, practices & an experience of helping thousands of customers to tap into the promise of the cloud.


We’re a 5x Microsoft® Hosting Partner of the Year and hold 1000+ AWS technical certifications.


Our DevOps services to meet your needs: DevOps Accelerator, DevOps Projects, and DevOps Maintenance.


We employ 3000+ hosting experts across AWS™, Microsoft®, VMware®, and OpenStack™.

Professional DevOps Services

Explore Professional Services for Your DevOps Environment Custom tailored to your organizational structure.

DevOps Accelerator

Transform Your DevOps and Application Architecture
We audit your application architecture and software delivery processes to provide a holistic, well-documented view of your current state.
Learning about your systems and strategic goals in detail gives our expert consultants a unique perspective, enabling them to tailor solutions to your specific needs

DevOps Projects

Deliver Applications Faster and With Greater Agility
Our platform- and technology-agnostic service can help you provision instances on cloud or virtualization platforms like OpenStack™, AWS™, VMware® and Microsoft®.
Our experts will guide you through application configuration management, using tools like Chef, Puppet, SaltStack®, Ansible and DSC.
Get up to speed on flows that can create automatic generation and deployment of a verified application binary, using tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo®, and Octopus Deploy.

DevOps Maintenance

Get Access To Experienced Engineers Who Can Provide Ongoing Maintenance
Flexible resource models to help you scale up when you need additional engineer expertise.
DevOps engineers and architects available to assist you with maintenance and changes to your application environments.

Technology Stack

The integration of Development and Operations brings a new perspective to software development. If you’re new to DevOps practices or looking to improve your current processes, DevOps tool is best for your team.
The 10 best DevOps tools are Gradle, Git, Jenkins, Bamboo, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet Enterprise, Ansible, Nagios & Raygun.

How DevOps Fuels Your Digital Enterprise

Digital evolution requires better, faster software delivery models. Continuous Delivery and DevOps are key to accelerating enterprise innovation by enabling automation, fast-tracking software development and deployment and ensuring top quality applications that meet the needs to today’s customers.

Accelerate Your Innovation Delivery Pipeline

DevOps fuels the enterprise innovation delivery pipeline, allowing companies to radically accelerate and automate software deployment by combining the right processes, architectures, technology, and infrastructure.

Did You Know?

60-90% of features produce zero or negative value. With Continuous Delivery & DevOps, we harness the most effective features to enable faster, smoother software supply chains that allow teams to collaborate and accelerate their digital innovation.
Zero Value

Our Approach

We outline the key principles of Continuous Delivery and DevOps and the behavior of advanced teams, conduct a discovery session with our clients to understand their current processes and outline the ideal outcome and finally we develop a plan of action specifically tailored to their organizational structure.

Automating &

Rapidly release software by harnessing the tools provided by DevOps & Continuous Delivery to expedite initial business processes.

Infrastructure &

Utilize infrastructure as a code to enable administrators the flexibility that comes along with programmatically interacting with infrastructure building.

Implementation &

Merge development and operations teams to create a full circle view for both teams to work across the entire application lifecycle from early development to deployment of operations.

Planning &

Create a strategy roadmap to ensure all stages of your innovation pipeline run along smoothly and that you provide a collaborative workplace environment in the process.

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